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 Eskom Solar Rebate Programme Accreditation

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What Our Clients Say

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There are so many great reasons to switch to a solar geyser in your home, here are just a few of them:


Switch to Solar Water Heating - Save Money!


Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Save Money

In a typical South African household a conventional electrical geyser will contribute approximately 60% of the total monthly electricity cost.

By switching to a solar water heating system you could save up to 80% of this amount and make substantial savings every month.

Switch to Solar Water Heating - Claim Solar Rebate!


Claim a Generous Eskom Solar Rebate

At Solar Sense we only install solar water heating systems that are accredited on the Eskom solar rebate program. This means that our suppliers' systems have all passed rigorous SABS testing and are manufactured to the highest standard of quality.

Within approximately eight weeks of your installation your rebate will be paid directly into your bank account from Deloitte, the highly reputable accounting firm, who manage the rebate program on behalf of Eskom.

Currently our Eskom rebates vary from R3,500 to just under R9,000 depending on the size of solar system installed.

Switch to Solar Water Heating - Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Based on available statistics the average South African home consumes approximately 13 tons of CO2 annually.

We are one of the worst polluting countries in the world and by switching to a solar water heating system you can reduce your family’s carbon footprint by up to 4 tons of CO2 a year!

Switch to Solar Water Heating - Increase Your Property Value!

Add Value to Your Property

In the current tough economic times property buyers are very discerning and will look for every feature available to them when making a property purchase.

Installing a solar water heating system in your home now not only benefits your family while living there but it also adds significant value to the resale value your property.


Switch to Solar Water Heating - Go Green!


Going Solar Means You're Also Going Green

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint by switching to a solar water heating system you are also taking a big step towards living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. This will not only benefit you and your family now but also the generations to come in the future.

Switch to Solar Water Heating - Shower in FREE Hot Water!

Harness and Utilize The Sun’s Solar Energy...for FREE!!!

When it comes to using sustainable energy there is no better and cleaner source than solar energy.

Once you install a solar water heating system in your home the 'feel good' factor of having a shower in water that has been heated directly from the sun is incredible!

What's more, when your solar system is paid off in approximately two to three years time, you'll be showering and bathing in totally free hot water!