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Be Water Wise - Save our Planet!

Low Flow, Energy Saving Showerheads

An excellent energy saving device which can be used in conjunction with a solar water heating system (or any conventional geyser, for that matter) is the low flow showerhead.

Low flow showerheads give you a double saving, not only do they directly reduce your water consumption while showering but they also reduce your geyser related electricity costs.

This is achieved due to the fact that far less hot water is drawn from the geyser during shower times which means your geyser element will be used for a shorter period of time to bring the geyser back up to temperature.

A conventional showerhead typically has a flow rate of up to 18 litres per minute at standard household pressures whereas a low flow showerhead has a flow rate of under 10 litres per minute, resulting in a considerable water consumption saving.

Our preferred low flow showerhead is the Value-Eco showerhead, supplied to us by Oxygenics, read below for more details on this great energy saving product.

Oxygenics Low Flow Energy Saving Showerheads

  Model EZSHVA: Value-Eco Low Flow Showerhead

  •   Flow rate of under 10 litres per minute at standard household pressureOxygenics Value-Eco Low Flow Showerhead - Model EZSHVA
      of 400kPa

  •   Availaible in chromed or white high impact ABS plastic casing on chrome
      brass base

  •   Dual settings, powerful needle jet spray to concentrated massage spray
  •   Laminar flow technology allowing for continuous, full stream jets of

  •   Showerhead mounted on ball joint for easy directional adjustment