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DAFI Inline Water Heating - Undersink Mounting

DAFI Inline Water Heating Unit - Under Basin Wall Mounting for Shower and Hand Basin

Instant Water Heaters

Another excellent energy saving device that we highly recommend and install is an in-line water heating unit.

As opposed to conventional water heating where a storage vessel (your geyser) heats up a large volume of water throughout the day waiting for it to be used, an in-line heating unit instantly heats up water on demand and only for the duration of usage before switching off again.

These units are best suited to shower and basin usage, such as kitchen basins or hand basins in bathrooms and, being very compact in design, they can be located near the point of usage for best energy saving results.

Several brands of in-line water heaters are available on the market and our preferred product is the DAFI energy saving water heater, see below for more details.

DAFI Energy Saving Water Heating Systems

  DAFI energy saving water heaters, developed and manufactured by European based company Formaster,
  are the answer to high electricity bills for heating water. Formaster has more than 20 years experience in the
  manufacture of cost effective, energy saving water heating and filtration systems for both commercial and
  residential use.

  Now available in South Africa, the new compact energy saving DAFI water heater delivers instant hot water
  within approximately 5 seconds of opening the hot water tap, heating up only the amount of water that is
  required before the unit switches off again on closing the hot tap.

  Several different models in the DAFI instant water heater range are available as listed below:

DAFI Instant Water Heating Model Chart

  DAFI Water Heater Product Features

  •   Hot water within 5 seconds of turning on hot tapDAFI Inline Instant Water Heating Unit
  •   2 year manufacturer guarantee
  •   8 year unit life expectancy
  •   European Safety and Conformity Mark CE
  •   NRCS (previously SABS) Approval Certificate 
  •   Low maintenance profile